How to start a daycare in BC?

In order to own and operate a daycare, you must get a license for a community care facility from a local health authority. The application package can be obtained by reaching out to the regional health authority community care facility licensing office. 

  1. Qualification: Make sure that you and your staff are qualified with the right education, training, and certification.
  2. Type of Facility: There are different licenses based on the size of the operation and business plan, Find the right place for your Business Plan.  
  3. Location and Proposal: After ensuring qualification and facility type, the next step is to fund the right location within the guidelines provided by the licensing office of the regional facility. 
  4. Business Plan and Approval: Once the location is determined and plans are set, Business Plan approval leads to the next step that is the Inspection of the proposed facility. 
  5. Safety Inspections: Scheduled inspections are performed by the local authorities to ensure safety. These guidelines are followed for everyone's good health.
  6. Policy Review: The process also includes a review of your facility's policies and procedures and an assessment that you will make sure you will be a good care provider. 
  7. CONGRATULATIONS! Once you are licensed you can start registering and working. 

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