Your Guide to Home Ownership.

The Home Buying Process


  • Save Your Down Payment

    Have a plan in place to put aside money. You can look into opening up a separate account that pre-authorizes payments into your savings. As a first-time homebuyer, use your RSP contributions towards your down payment. Saving down payment is your key to becoming a homeowner. Use these tips to make it easy: 

    - Automate your payments with a pre-authorized savings plan

    - Use RSP/TFSA towards your down payment

    - Work with a budget, Calculate payments using our calculator

    - Put it all together, create a plan and take action

  • Find out How much you can afford. 

    - Your Home is your biggest investment

    - Talk to Lenders to see how much you can borrow 

    - Use our handy calculator and see how much you can qualify for.

    Get pre-approval: it allows you to get an idea of how much mortgage you may get.  I can connect you with top brokers in the area to find out the best interest rate and term for your mortgage. You can call text me anytime @ 778-829-2300

  • Find Your DREAM Home. Make an Offer.

     Go House Hunting with an area expert who knows all ins and outs of future and current bylaw plus development information (if any). Shopping with friends is great but an expert can make all the difference when it comes to getting the home SOLD or Getting an offer ACCEPTED.   

    - Your Offer to purchase your home should have subjects on the offer to protect your interests. Subject to Finance, Subject to Inspection, Subject to Appraisal are a few subjects that most offers have.

  • Congratulations! The next step is to secure the financing for your Home. 

    - Your Lender and Realtor coordinate documents and details needed for the bank from accepted offer to the pre-qualification by a mortgage broker. 

    - Once the amount is funded by the lender on or before the closing day the Home is then ready to be transferred to your name. This process is called closing and is determined while drafting the offer. 

    - The closing process is done with a Real Estate Notary or Lawyer. Again, I can connect you with the best real estate lawyers and notaries in your area. 


    Are you currently in the market or actively looking for a good deal? Get in touch with me for a FREE consultation, market review and current properties that are available for sale. 

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